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Hosa Road is the new destination of the denizens of Bangalore. If you look at the price rises of land in and around Hosa road it was phenomenal. Delving deep into the causes of it, the analysts feel there are many reasons to it. The first can be the concentration of IT Parks near the area. In the vicinity you have Electronic City, the oldest IT Park of the IT capital of India. The next reason is the Hosur Road which has many large companies also and Narayana Health City is also on it. The connectivity through Hosur Road is also magnificent with signal free flyover and you have Begur Road as well, nearby. You can also avail the connectivity of NICE road as well. These are specifically the reasons why Hosa road was in demand for the last few years and now it has climbed up even further up. The developers are also flocking to the area owing to the paucity of land in the area and the residential population also wants to rush as more and more corporates are also choosing the region and the areas nearby.


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