Plots / Sites in Hassan , Karnataka

When big cities and metropolis develop like Bengaluru, in a phenomenal speed, there are often adjoining places that also develops with different industries and a segment of population migrating to the place. One such example is Mysore which has grown in terms of capital appreciation of real estate in the last decade. Hassan is also another place that is gaining importance from industries, residential population, retail and the infrastructure as well. All these taken together land parcels are still available at Hassan in areas of importance and at strategic locations. On an overall there has been phenomenal development in the town of Hassan.

PriceRs. 12.00 Lakhs*
Total Land44 Acres
Total Plots300

Keeping in mind these trends and the increased influx of the residential population there is an increased emergence of educational institutions, industries, malls, shopping complexes, hospitals and many other infrastructural growth is also noted. From an investment point of view this is perhaps the best time to invest in Hassan, the benefit of which you can reap after few years or even now as well. The experts say that land prices are bound to double or quadruple in few years’ time.


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